If you google “Anthony Marr tiger”, this is what you will see on Page 1.

And this is from Page-5:

We leave the other animals to you. In short, Anthony Marr is a relentless, innovative and successful activist. He is also an outside-the-box thinker. The wild horses and wild horse advocates face an unprecedented problem without an unprecedented solution. Most are resigned to the fate of the 50,000 horses with nowhere to go. But Anthony Mar has an outside-the-box solution never considered. His Freedom horse campaign is to make this unprecedented solution a reality. If successful, not only will the 50,000 horses be saved, round-ups and any prospect of slaughter will be things of the past. For a full analysis of the the wild horse’s desperate situation, the “unprecedented problem” we face, and a full presentation of Anthony Marr’s innovative outside-the-box “unprecedented solution”, and his Freedom Horse campaign, please go to


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